Friday, May 24, 2013

Senior Manager Consolidations & Reporting -- Ricoh -- West Caldwell, NJ

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Responsible for ensuring all financial information for assigned functional area is in accordance with company policy, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Responsible for financial analysis of significant accounts, business segments and operating results from current quarter to prior quarter and to same quarter to identify key business drivers and areas of opportunity. Also, responsible for documenting accounting procedures, ensuring adherence to documented processes, and addressing any compliance gaps or internal control weaknesses for Sarbanes-Oxley certification.


  • Identifies and Responds to Accounting Issues: Develops rationale for processes and communicates explanations. Provides information regarding accounting standards and processes to field operations as necessary
  • Performs or ensures all accounting entries are completed accurately and timely for assigned accounting function or business units
  • Delivers Results: Readily accepts new opportunities and takes appropriate actions to ensure the work is done; energizes others to achieve timely results; breaks down company-specific or customer's complex problems or situations into essential components and organizes resources to tackle the problem in a systematic way; sets expectations and empower others to come up with several possible causes for a problem and more than one solution option; demonstrates good judgment for which creative ideas and suggestions will work; facilitates discussions that generate creative solutions
  • Analytical Skills: Understands multi-dimensional relationships: Identifies supplemental data requirements. Knows when it is necessary to drill down and obtain second and third level data. Targets needed information and discards irrelevant or information that is of a lower value. Analyzes relationships among multiple parts of a situation, problem, or issue. Validates the accuracy and integrity of data. Demonstrates a solid understanding of complex relationships. Interprets the implications of the data and makes recommendations based on sound analyses.
  • Responsible for applicable balance sheet accounts. Ensures accounts are reconciled by designated workday and according to company policy. Reconciling items must be identified, properly supported, and resolved in a timely manner. Must be knowledgeable of system functionality and transaction processes to detect any accounting data anomalies, data corruption, or invalid data
  • Improves Business Processes: Develops communication channels with internal and external customers regarding process improvement initiatives; recognizes and collaborates with key players in the improvement process and ensures critical processes and core technologies are mapped to the end customer; works within own and other functional areas to identify and remove internal and external barriers to process improvement; works with other managers to create measures for process efficiency and customer satisfaction; including determining root causes, establishing realistic goals and taking quick corrective action
  • Sets Direction: Quickly separates the important from the unimportant and puts people and
  • resources on the most important issues; Looks collectively at ideas and issues in light of their impact on the team, function/ area, and customers (internal and external) and makes adjustments to plans and resources accordingly; Interprets and analyzes data, issues and trends to adjust plans and/or effectively uses forecasts to adjust business plans
  • Develops People: Develops accounting professionals and ensures company policies are adhered to in the performance of all assigned accounting tasks and addresses any compliance deviations and internal control weaknesses as they are discovered. Stays actively involved in the hiring and selection process to ensure that only qualified candidates are considered for open positions; assesses knowledge, skills and abilities of others to ensure talent is meeting the needs of the organization; arranges assignments, formal training and other experiences to foster direct report's personal learning and development; encourages direct reports to develop their own solutions to problems; confronts performance issues quickly and provides clear guidance and instruction to develop and improve job-specific skills; provides opportunities for others to learn from success and failure; works with others to implement change strategies that support the company's short and long term business strategies
  • Provides internal and external auditors with requested client assistance including business process flow, financial process documentation, balance sheet account reconciliations, supplemental financial schedules, and fluctuation analysis for quarterly reviews and year-end audits
  • Documentation: Documents accounting processes, assists in compliance testing, and resolves internal control gaps to meet control environment requirements for Sarbanes-Oxley
  • Accountability: responsible for individual tasks assigned. Supports the efforts of others, shares best practices, and follows through on all responsibilities related to a change initiative or course of action
  • Knowledgeable in Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) for your area of responsibility and company policies and procedures
  • Adheres to company policies (including company Code of Ethics) in the performance of all assigned accounting tasks and communicates any compliance deviations and internal control weaknesses to management as they are discovered

QUALIFICATIONS (Education, Experience and Certifications)

Typically Required:

  • Accounting experience - 10 plus years Preferred
  • Analysis experience - 6 plus years preferred
  • Management experience - 6 plus years preferred
  • Certified Public Accountant or Certified Management Accountant preferred
  • College Degree in Accounting, Finance or IT, or equivalency required

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