Thursday, May 16, 2013

Actuarial Manager - Highmark - Pittsburgh, PA

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  • This position is responsible for overseeing assigned actuarial staff and projects and working with the Corporate Actuary or Director in developing and implementing sound actuarial policies and practices to help Highmark meet its financial objectives. Incumbent is responsible for hiring and training actuarial staff.
  • This position is also responsible for providing technical support for other areas such as Product Management & Development, Underwriting & Rating, and Sales.
  • Actuarial Managers are expected to assist senior management decision makers by providing specialized reports and analysis of data on both a routine and ad hoc basis.
  • This position is accountable for developing employees, preparing rate filings, providing actuarial support for financial forecasts, and monitoring financial results.
 Education level and/or relevant years of experience(s) in lieu of education:
  • Bachelor's degree.
  • 7 or more years of experience in the Actuarial field.
  • 2 or more years of management experience and/or experience leading teams and/or projects of varying size and complexity.
 Other requirements (licenses, certifications, specialized training, physical abilities needed to perform the job):
  • Attainment of the ASA (Associate) designation in the Society of Actuaries.
  • Must be committed to pursuing actuarial exams and obtaining Fellowship in the Society of Actuaries.
Additional relevant education level and/or years of experience:
  • Bachelor's degree in Actuarial Science, Mathematics, or Statistics
  •  Additional relevant knowledge and/or skills and/or work experience:
  • Six (6) or more years of actuarial experience.
  • Experience with Medicaid Pricing
  • Ability to apply extensive knowledge of actuarial methods and procedures.
  • Strong supervisory, communication, organization and project management skills.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the following actuarial proficiencies:
    • In-depth knowledge of one or more of the following: premium rate calculations, required reserves, plan design, trend analysis, rate table construction, actuarial research, or systems development.
Additional relevant licenses, certifications, training, etc.:
  • Completion of two FSA-level exam components
  • Member of the American Academy of Actuaries


1) Communicate effectively. This position displays effective communication skills while performing the following functions:

2) Supervise entry-level and mid-level actuarial staff. (20%)

3) Develop pricing, strategy, and filings for the corporation's Medicaid business (30%)

4) Work with Underwriting and Rating, Sales and Product Management and Development to develop and implement appropriate rating strategies for group, direct pay or senior lines of business. Ensure that all strategies are in compliance with rate filings and applicable regulations. (20%)

5) Provide advanced support for the claim reserve process. (10%)

6) Provide assistance and risk management to the Product Management and Development area for pricing development of new products. Ensure that all new products are financially viable and stable. (10%)

7) Determine underlying factors impacting pure premium trends for various products and regions. Monitor trends for use in rating. Identify any shifts in trend and take appropriate pricing actions. (10%)

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