Thursday, October 2, 2014

What is your Recruiting Reputation?

What is your Recruiting Reputation?

Employer brand is a critical part of defining an organization’s reputation in the marketplace. Companies with strong employer brand are more likely to attract and retain top talent, which has a direct impact on the bottom line. However, employer brand initiatives that focus on making the company look attractive often fail to make sure the candidates are engaged with the brand. How are your candidates feeling about customer care within the hiring process?
Companies need to look not only at how they promote their employer brand, but also focus on how candidates respond to and interact with the brand and the hiring process. There are a number of effective methods for tracking how candidates see the employer brand – utilizing them as part of an ongoing branding process will allow your company to make proactive changes and respond to the feedback from candidates within the hiring process.
Examine Your Recruiting Reputation
Taking charge of your company’s employer brand requires the ability to answer an important question: What is your recruiting reputation? If you don’t have the answer, the first step is finding out how to get it. If you do know what your recruiting reputation is, then how are you using it to make sure you are connecting with the best available talent? The strategies included here are a simple way to start ensuring that your employer brand is deployed in the most effective way possible.
Companies that want to attract top talent have to do more than merely monitor the feedback from candidates – candidate reactions to the hiring process should be used to inform changes to the hiring process, as well as the marketing around employer branding and the employer value proposition. Even negative feedback from candidates can be useful, as it may highlight bumps in the road that can be smoothed over, thereby increasing future candidate satisfaction and improving the employer brand.
Candidate Satisfaction Surveys and Reviews
There are industry-wide candidate satisfaction surveys, like the CandE Awards, that track the overall satisfaction candidates have with the recruiting process and their interactions with companies during a hiring experience. These surveys and industry reports are useful for developing a benchmark to compare internal results to – but for that benchmark to be truly useful, an internal standard must be set.
Providing your own candidates with a satisfaction survey after they have completed the hiring process will offer insight into how those candidates feel about their experience with your company. This information can be used to refine the hiring process further, in response to candidate feedback.
Websites like GlassDoor that allow candidates to review their hiring experience are also an important way to gather data on how your company’s recruiting reputation functions in the marketplace. Since the feedback on the website is public, reviews may have an impact – good or bad – on the types of candidates that choose to apply to your openings. Use these review websites to do a regular pulse check on how your company is perceived by applicants and current employees.
Employer brand and recruiting reputation management must go hand in hand to create successful talent acquisition strategies. Companies that take candidate feedback seriously will stay ahead of the recruiting curve.

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