Thursday, October 2, 2014

Cobalt and ADP Dealer Services is now CDK Global

As  of October 1st, 2014, Cobalt is spinning off into a new company called CDK Global. With the spin-off, CDK Global will become one of the largest automotive technology providers in the world. 
Forming this new company is a bold step toward building the vision that has driven Cobalt since 1995: redefining the car-shopping experience into one of the most elegant and intuitive in any industry. Each entity in the new company helps us achieve that goal. The "C" stands for Cobalt, provider of digital car-shopping solutions. The "D" is for "Dealer Services" a leading provider of in-store dealer management solutions. The "K" is for Kerridge Computer Services, who also provides dealer management solutions, but with massive global reach. Here's why it's a better time than ever to join our company.

  • 9,000 employees worldwide
  • $2 billion dollars in annual revenue
  • Power 26,000 dealer websites in over 100 countries 
  • Processes over 10 million vehicle inventory records daily
 Some of you may recall that Cobalt merged with ADP in 2010. We did this because ADP owned ADP Dealer Services. However, ADP also had many other verticals besides ADP Dealer Services, most notably payroll. We were always looking forward to the day where ADP Dealer Services would grow big enough to spin off and support itself. Thanks to strategic leadership vision and a revitalized economy, that day is here.  

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